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04 Mar Sat
Everblast Festival 2023
Kota Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
07 Mar Tue
The Harder Than It Looks Tour
Southern Islands, Singapore
08 Mar Wed
The Harder Than It Looks Tour
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10 Mar Fri
The Harder Than It Looks Tour
Quezon City, Philippines
12 Mar Sun
The Harder Than It Looks Tour
Davao City, Philippines
14 Mar Tue
The Harder Than It Looks Tour
Khet Pathum Wan, Thailand
24 Mar Fri
Ota City, Tōkyō-to, Japan
25 Mar Sat
Chiba-city, Chiba, Japan
26 Mar Sun
Osaka, Osaka, Japan
02 Jun Fri
Slam Dunk Festival France
Lyon, France
03 Jun Sat
Slam Dunk Festival Italy
Verucchio, Italy
04 Jun Sun
Zürich, Switzerland
06 Jun Tue
Budapest Park Festival
Budapest, Hungary
07 Jun Wed
Nova Rock 2023
Nickelsdorf, Austria
08 Jun Thu
Download Festival 2023
Derby, United Kingdom
08 Jun Thu
Rock For People 2023
Hradec, Czechia
06 Jul Thu
La Fête des Guitares
Lac-au-saumon, QC, Canada
08 Jul Sat
Soif De Musique
Cowansville, QC, Canada
22 Jul Sat
Generations Festival de Musqiue et d’Arts
Nicolet, QC, Canada
21 Oct Sat
When We Were Young 2023
Las Vegas, NV, United States


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